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Besty - About Us

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Besty is the first selective marketplace. We created the concept so brands can select and sell the best of their products. That’s why we invite each brand to showcase from 1 to 20 products. No more.

We are different from other fashion marketplaces because it allows clients to go straight to the essence of a brand instead of browsing endless product catalogs.

We aim to provide direct access to talented and inspirational designers that share the common values of sustainability and creativity.

Our approach is based on three principles
1) We leverage the power of curation
2) We enable labels to take center stage
3) We promote ethical and cruelty-free fashion

We want to build a bridge between innovative brands and fashion lovers from all over the world. We think the best way to help our consumers discover new labels is through highlights.

Highlights are the products that represent the essence of a brand. There are six types of highlights bestsellers / sales / novelties / limited editions / collabs and custom made products.


You showcase the best of your brand
Besty is the marketplace of highlights. It was created for you to select and sell the best of your brand. This is why we ask each brand to showcase from 1 to 20 products. No more. There are 6 types of products you can add to your boutique bestsellers novelties sales limited editions collabs and custom made products. These products are called highlights because they represent the spirit of your brand.
There has never been so many brands and products in the fashion industry making it harder and harder for labels to get noticed and for customers to stay attentive to new trends. Therefore the need for brands and items curation is stronger than ever. In this context we are there to enable you to stand out of the crowd and adapt to new consumers behaviors.

You convert your community into customers
Our marketplace is different than other fashion marketplaces because it allows clients to go straight to the essential of a label instead of browsing endless catalogues of products. This makes the Besty boutique format ideal to convert your community into buyers.
Creating a 20-product curated boutique showcasing the essence of your label is more efficient to drive sales and brand awareness than a classical full-catalogue store because it helps people navigate through the flood of fashion supply. This is why we created a new marketplace format adapted to a new way of buying fashion.

You create top engagement with live streams
Our marketplace gives you the opportunity to connect directly with customers wherever they are via live streaming events. Thanks to live streams you can now showcase your products in front of clients and answer all their questions. Customers need your expertise. Not only do you need to offer the curation but you also need to engage with them and tell the story behind your brand your collections and your items.
Clients rely on you to offer more than a simple transactional experience by establishing a direct relationship with them engaging with them sharing insights and advices offering direct assistance to guide them and personalizing the fashion buying process. With us you can now act both as a curator and educator to your clients by showcasing your highlights and sharing your informed opinion.

You boost your sales and go viral
Great content is what makes you go viral and our platform provides the latest and most intuitive features for designers to produce the best content including live streams direct chat brand and products video presentation… enabling you to boost your sales and to connect with customers everywhere in the world
The fashion buying process being emotion- and inspiration-driven consumers need to understand in order to appreciate. Hence you need to share your knowledge and expertise by generating content to educate them help them make the right decision and ease their buying process. This will let you take center stage drive more sales and create a worldwide community around your brand
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